Patriot Act [EP]

by Yankee Power

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released April 23, 2013

Recorded by Jeff Gallagher at Armory Sound, Boston MA
Mixed by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studio, Athens VT
Mastered by Peter Linnane at Patch Hill Mastering


all rights reserved



Yankee Power Boston, Massachusetts

A band of humans exploring the ever expanding limits.

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Track Name: Fade Tonight
still it remains
hold me down
start me up
throw me out
leave me lying around
Fade tonight

how do you do?
hold me up
start me down
work me in
and leave me lying around
Lying around

so we've missed the train again
oh no no
when will we get on again
and time
wont be on your side
fade tonight
Track Name: Words (Good With)
Sometimes we forget the meaning of the things we say
we mispronounce, we over use, we pick them off like prey
were using borrowed words with no intent of their return
we soak them up regurgitate but we seldom learn

It's alright
they say I'm good with words

Explain to me the meaning of the things we do
we double back, we instigate, we learn to bend the truth
claiming that your actions are for the greater good
would humor you as it does me, if you understood

It's alright
they say I'm good with words
Track Name: A Day at the Races
I know summers over
the end is coming soon
I see the autumn signs
reflecting from a distant moon

it was hard to understand
from a frozen harbor
meeting these people here
that life could be much harder

what makes you think you know how it feels?

Is it hard to be excited,
about the upcoming band?
Try to change your state of mind
Move into springtime into England

now where and when you go
you know what to bring
it seems some misdirection
can be just the thing

what makes you think you know how it feels?
Track Name: Bounty
Theres nothing left Im afraid
Nothing ticks, worth a fight
Worth the theft of the clock
That keeps my morals tuned
just incase the power inside me goes out

Hove to without a dock
no keel to keep me even and sharp
theres no shapes in the dark
only what I want from my heart
too many choices to haunt me
Oh I loved me so bad
Oh I loved me so badly
I nearly gave up

I can't explain theres thickets of pain
this stiff upper lip won't turn this forest to plains
and even when I fight
and no words stick
Though im screaming myself sick
too many voices to haunt me
so many losses to stop me
God I loved me so bad
Oh i love me so badly
Oh I've loved me so badly
Oh I loved my so badly
I nearly gave up
Track Name: Footsteps
See you lying in the dark
your fingertip emits a spark
my soul feels heavy and I'm wandering through thoughts
my eyes are closing but I've opened my heart

Hearing my footsteps down the hall
growing angry you begin to call me
if you leave me now you'll never come back
I'm growing tired of a cutting you slack

When you coming back?

Going down to the corner store
Forgot a few things, gotta pick some more
Don't wait up for to long, you know that I am far too gone
cause once I walk that final mile the last thing I need to is to see you smile
If I knew then what I know now, the future would change, rearranged somehow
Walking down that same old lonely road
Track Name: Hot Honey Jazz
I came upon the universe
there was nothing there to see
but a mirage in the steam...oh you meteor, make it hurt

I came upon a strong white knight
I climbed on his steed, and galloped to my knees
Oh all bets are off on me, yeah.

Put your silver booties on
I want them clinking all night long
Hot Honey Jazz
Put your bony breast plate on
I wanna pummel you till dawn
Hot Honey Jazz

We danced upon a bed of big bangs
Our music our breath, our love is our death
I'm no match for your gravity

I run my lips across your chain mail
My fingers in your mane, plucking more than your strings
Oh I wont warn you again.

Put your silver booties on
I want them clinking all night long
Hot Honey Jazz
Put your bony breast plate on
I wanna pummel you till dawn
Hot Honey Jazz

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